Slide creation
simplified by AI

Motionit redefines slide-making for students, teachers, and business professionals. Our advanced AI generates elegant slides from keywords or documents, taking care of formatting and image selection.

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AI-Driven Slide Design

Our AI automatically designs and formats slides, letting you focus on content.


Automatic Image Selection

Our smart system chooses the perfect visuals for your slides based on your content.


Document-to-Slide Transformation

Upload any document and instantly convert it into a professional slide deck.

People are saying amazing things

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Awesome this tools that create ppts and videos. I have not tried videos, but ppt and it is amazing. Lots of diapos, with different formats, amazing! And fill in with the theme you say! I put Impact of AI on the industry and he has prepared a presentation talking about the topic of 11 diapos.

Macarena EstΓ©vez

Hours of work in minutes with this AI tool. MOTIONIT creates professional slides and videos for pitch decks, conference presentations, etc. You can export to Google Slides, PowerPoint & PDF.


Awesome product guys! I tried Tome which is similar but I'd vote for Motionit because the slides can be exported to PPT and Google Slides which is outstanding! Congratulations on the launch πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

amar kumar

Best slide generation platform

Gerald Ng

Motionit ( by @nil_ooy Motionit is one of best use case of AI I came across recently, ever been in a situation when run out of ideas for your presentation. Motiknit help you generate beautiful presentation within seconds.


Excellent product to start building a pitch deck

Martin de Stoppani